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The Bloodline is a psychological thriller. First, the filmmakers introduce us the main characters. In the center of the story is a large and friendly family, Rayburn. From the first minutes they can be called an ideal family. Parents adore their adult children, can always count on their support. Brothers and sisters also have good relations with each other. It seems, everyone is dreaming about this: harmony inside and outside, confidence in the future, help and support of relatives. But you can not do without secrets.

Soon the eldest and unwanted son of Rayburn Dany returns to the family. Of course, no one is happy about him, but you cannot disown your bloodline. Though, the parents would be happy to disown him. Brothers and sister also treat him with suspicion, they all consider him a traitor. Dany returns – and events begin to develop in an unpredictable way. It turns out that an ideal family outwardly conceals a lot of shameful secrets. Each of the cute and tender children has such secrets that they would forever want to bury. Only here the Bloodline does not allow forgetting all the truth.

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