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“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is one of the best American television series, which was released by Fox channel. The plot is based on working days of a police station in Brooklyn.

Ray Holt is appointed head of one of the Brooklyn police stations. Now he has to put things in order in this department and make his employees respect the boss. For Holt, law and discipline always stood in the first place and he would do everything possible to have his employees were also disciplined. However, it will be very difficult to make it. The main problem is the detective Jake Peralta. He was considered one of the best detectives and an innate sense of humor interfered with discipline at work. Also Holt’s wards behave like children and are constantly competing against each other. Despite serious disagreements between Holt and the workers, Jake managed to prove himself several times on the positive side, and Holt helped him during an important investigation. Now the main thing is not to spoil relations with other colleagues, who are also not so simple. Together they will have to do a very great job, during which they will find themselves in the most, funny situations …

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