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Psychiatrist Eldon is the main character of the series “Chance”. His life is not as before – he is going through a divorce, sharing the property, his usual world is grim and the future is uncertain. Will there be a ray of light in Eldon’s life?

The answer to this question is given by Eldon Chance himself. He is a psychiatrist, therefore, he must understand the work of the human psyche, apprehend the dangers of fate. Nevertheless, the events develop according to the evangelical saying “The doctor, heal yourself.”

For the better part of his life, Eldon was hiding from himself in the treatment of patients. He thought he knew their sufferings, what questions tormented them. He was used to stick to the rules. However, when Eldon remains alone, he is lost and does not know what to do.

However, everything changes when he meets mysterious and attractive Jacqueline Blackstone, who suffers from a split personality. The woman has many problems and the most important is her ex-husband Raymond. Dr. Chance is seriously addicted to the new patient and intends to help her understand the relationships with her husband. Soon he realizes that he and his family are in grave danger. But will Eldon get out of the deadly situation?

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