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The comedy TV series Ghosted will tell about two policemen, who by the will of fate became partners. They are forced to investigate the unexplained incidents that have increased in the territory of Los Angeles.

Leroy Wright is a young man who believes in rationalism. He denies the existence of everything mystical. Max Jennifer always held the opinion that unexplained is part of human life. Together they are representatives of a special department, which is engaged in the study of various paranormal activities. Wright and Max begin work on another manifestation of unexplained waves, which try to inform humanity about the impending nightmare. They don’t know anything about hunting for otherworldly monsters; they face a lot of difficulties, and also get horrified by the sight of their opponent. At the same time, each of them retains a sense of humor, and their non-standard thinking helps to cope with any difficulties. The main characters of TV series “Ghosted” are learn that the planet is waiting for apocalypse.

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