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The main character of the Shameless, British TV comedy series, Frank Gallagher lives with his family in a place that clearly cannot be called a paradise.
This is the most common and ordinary small town, but still, they live quite well in this place. A man loves his children and is proud of them, if only because they are very similar to their daddy. The children are already grown up enough. They all are brought up in the way that nobody and never will ask a stranger and even a family member or a close friend for help. They are ready to take care of themselves and this, of course, is the merit of their dad. Frank is a multi-child father, his wife ran away from him long ago and left with all the offspring all by himself.
A man could not act like his careless wife and took all the difficulties boldly and, probably, even managed to do it in not the worst way.
A woman with a sober mind would never leave her children to such a father, who has almost never worked a single day in his life and abuses alcohol.
But what’s done is done. The children have grown up, the father is happy.
Let’s see how their life unfolds.

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