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The post-war world
The series of the Shannara Chronicles narrates about the future (the end of the 21st century). By that time, everything had changed very much, and there were very few people left on Earth. The reason for this was a lot of wars that occurred at the end of the century. Since they used biological and chemical weapons many strange and terrible changes occurred with the inhabitants of the planet. Many died, and those who survived were mutated. For 20 years life was a complete devastation and as a result of the last nuclear bombardment, civilization was virtually destroyed. These events led to the creation of four worlds in North America.
Four States
The whole world was divided into four parts between elves, humans, dwarves and trolls. After the nuclear explosion, they became mutants, but the wars continue – now they compete among themselves. The Shannara Chronicles will tell about those events that occur in these four states. Some people survived after the bombing and almost did not undergo mutations due to the fact that they found a good shelter. Now they are going to liberate the rest of the land and unite with their own – the Southern part. Dwarfs have changed significantly after the wars. They found shelter under the ground, so they became short and strong enough. In times of slavery, they worked in mines, now dwarves live on the surface of the earth.
New inhabitants
Trolls can be called the most militant tribe. High and strong, they never produced a pleasant impression. Among this tribe there are many varieties that cannot stand each other’s spirits. Elves are forest dwellers who have never cooperated with people. Only after the great wars the situation changed a little. They lost most of their magical abilities, but managed to survive those terrible events. The Shannara Chronicles series will show you the population of the new world and the relationships that arose between them after the global changes.

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